Ontario Provincial Election Musings

Regarding the Ontario Election:

I will not repeat everything verbatim that I said on Twitter, but I will say this to the Ontario Liberal Party.

Get some serious policy rethink going before you pick a leader; specifically 1 member, 1 vote and allow all members to vote. Do away with the delegated conventions. You’ll be giving more diverse voices (and more importantly, more people) a chance to pick their new leader. I’ll even promise to become a member again to vote for a new leader 😉 (I’ve long been alienated from the OLP from the Dalton Mcguinty days and my perception he really didn’t try hard to win the electoral reform referendum, but subsequently other stuff too in his and Wynne’s policy choices).

My own thoughts on a new leader? The party might consider picking someone not connected to either Dalton Mcguinty or Kathleen Wynne’s governments. There is too much of a bad mark from those governments in the eyes of voters – fairly and/or unfairly. It’s best to get on with a fresh start and bring forth some imaginative bold reforms/proposals/platforms that make a voter look a second time and at least consider voting for the party.

There are others with similar thoughts to mine on what happened and what needs to change.

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